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Awesome program to share & promote yourself.

Ticia Tuesday’s!!

My girl Ticia the Diva is up here exploring her talents, and sharing her positive thoughts to the world! Thank you guys for allowing her to do that! There’s no distortion so you can hear her clearly!! Tune in every Tuesday’s y’all, she’s funny, uplifting, and real as hell! Send her some topics!

Serious crashing issues

As a longtime professional journalist, I love the idea but there is a major issue—it keeps crashing when I try to record. Uninstall/reinstall didn’t help, update didn’t help...nothing is working right seems like. I’d love to give it 5 stars but I just can’t. If it worked right then I will consider a revision, but so far not a good experience at all.

Pretty cool

Cool app. REALLY needs an option to edit the audio. Pain to export and edit on another app and then bring back to this app. Probably my only complaint at all. Am I missing this option somewhere?

Share the Voices

I love this app. by sharing my voices around the globe. Giving access on multiple listening channels like Apple, Google Play & Spotify etc too. Thank you for this app.

Great Podcasting App for Content Marketing & Audio distribution

We’re using it to record podcasts (which could be improved to make editing and post-production easier), and it is great that episodes are syndicated across all the major podcast listening apps for you.


these updates made the app worse. im just tryna cast with the homies.

Very happy

I think this is a very ambitious app that’s making podcasting more accessible to pretty much anybody and i love when things are made available to anyone. One thing i wish was in the app is a fast forward feature or at least the ability leave the app and come back to it later with the podcast you were listening to in the same spot. I’ve been listening to a podcast whenever i drive around but after i get out of my car and live my daily life i come back to the app and it’s pretty much reset, i usually just put it in the fastest playback speed and just tap the forward button like 200 times but if i was just able to slide to the spot i was at would be amazing

Getting started

The process was amazingly simple. I had tried other apps before, but this seems to be fantastic so far. I plan on reviewing again once I check the availability of my initial podcast.


Great app. Few questions; can you not monetize from the app? Why can’t I change the category of my podcasts?

Awesome App!

Just a beginner in this podcasting world but i love it! It’s so easy to edit!

Awesome 👏!

I can now like make my own Podcast!

Great APP, but still needs work.

I love Anchor for the fact that I can churn out podcast episodes EASILY and pretty much interview whoever I want just with the press of a button and the download of the app. It eliminates me having to travel every time I bring on a guest and it allows me to even further along in my episodes (almost at 40, Woot woot!). In addition, the ability to add music is nice, and the automatic publishing to every streaming platform is PHENOMENAL. However... Just like the other comments, the main page NEEDS to be updated, and I feel like it isn't completely fair on however these podcasts are getting chosen to be "in the spotlight". My podcast has accumulated nearly 2,000 listens, 24 favorites and 234 applause in 4 months, and yet after I applied to me on the main page you're telling me my podcast isn't good enough to be on the rise? I don't know what else I need to do to help propel my podcast if the creators of the app can't even help me do so, and why would I feel motivated to even try and make it if there isn't even a category for my podcast to begin with? I recommend letting users type in what their "genre" is if it doesn't meet the list already given, because my podcast is all about success, mindset, and how to become the best version of yourself, NOT society & culture like I was forced to choose since it wasn't -insert generic category here-. I really do love this app, and without it I don't know if I would have come this far with a podcast at all, but please. Help the users that want to help you. I've already gotten one friend that started his own podcast on Anchor, but if this is our the developers are treating its faithful users, I will stop recommending this platform in the future. No hard feelings!

Amazing app, but it’s not King of the Hill yet

This app is exploding right now, and for good reason. I’m only going to give my two cents in this interview, but I’ve seen people call this the Snapchat of Podcast, and it’s completely true. Look, the bottom line is if you’re even remotely considering starting a podcast, yet are stopped by not knowing how to, you need this app. I started using Anchor in January 2018, and its one of the the most intuitive apps I’ve ever used. The UI is awesome, the way that they’re adding features shows you they listen to their consumers, and hands down the best part is there’s no better place to find like minded and innovative influencers who are also in your space, than the burgeoning community of podcasters on Anchor. Don’t think it’s large enough? Good news, they distribute your podcast onto all the other major platforms like Google, Apple, Spotify, and more. I still can’t believe how this app is still free. Get it now while it stays that way! P.S.: In spite of everything I just said above, I do have three very small gripes I want anyone from Anchor who reads this to know about, and please add them to your UX. These aren’t dealbreakers for me, but it’s a major problem in my opinion that the app still doesn’t allow for live shows yet, where callers can come into the show of their favorite podcasters. Again, not a deal breaker for me, and I’m not sure how it could actually be done, but if it is at all possible then that’s what I think would shoot this app into the stratosphere of the best value apps out there for influencers. Secondly, on the iPad version of the app I can’t seem to find the podcasts made by others anywhere available. For that matter, the cohost feature seems to be missing two. I can still have conversations with my contacts, but I miss the days of putting out a topic and being able to strike up a conversation with anyone in the world about it. Anyways, still a great job done so far on the app Anchor!

Audio Glitches and Dropped connection with joint recordings

We’ve been using this app for about two months and I’ve noticed some glitches in the audio after downloading. We also tried to record with 3 people and one of the connections kept dropping in the middle of a segment. This was extremely frustrating and will probably use a different recording platform going forward. We really like the podcast platform and distribution but feel the audio and recording isn’t as reliable.

Almost perfect!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the service. I haven’t seen anything else like it. It’s simple to use and you get your podcast distributed on every platform with one click. How awesome is that? The only thing I would like to see in a future update for both the app and desktop version is to have the ability to jump/skip around in the audio. Yes, you can skip 15 second back and forwards but I would love the option to land wherever I choose. It’s a simple update to the actual player and would love to see it soon. Keep up the great work guys.

Simple allowed us to start

My business partner and I had been wanting to begin podcasting but there were pieces that felt complex that kept delaying our start (equipment, distribution, integration of non-local guests, etc.) Anchor provided simple solutions to all of these. When distribution didn’t work right away, they helped us solve the problem (which was on our end.) They were awesome. Someday we might upgrade equipment to have a better quality recording, but for now we love the simplicity of using my iPhone to record while sitting around my dining room table. These recording sessions have been some of the best, genuine moments, something we never would have caught if Anchor didn’t take all the fuss out of recording. The Thrive LGBTQ+ Podcast is just beginning to serve our Tribe with relevant content. We are so excited about what is to come. Thank you, Anchor for the hard work you have put into this app! We love it and our listeners do too!

Overall Great but Recent Issues on iPad are Annoying!

I use the app on by iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Pro, and my HP laptop. I only have issues on my iPad Pro. When creating and adding things from my library, the app automatically signs me out each time but only on the iPad. It is frustrating and very inconvenient when I only have my iPad since I don’t like using my phone for creating the episodes (I use my phone to record only). I am consistently logging back in and losing my changes as I build new episodes. I hope it gets fixed soon, I’d hate to have to find another podcast building app. I need full functionality of the app on all devices, otherwise what’s the point!?!?


I did everything in 5 mints. Amazing

Can't Login

What's happening? I can no longer login into my Anchor account using Facebook... what's happening?


Love the app! But only allows 30 secs clips of a song even though I have Spotify and Apple Music premium accounts. I would like to run my station as a real station and not something that plays 30 secs clips of songs. The app has many bug problems that I would love to see fixed so I continue to use this app.

Crap update absolute crap

Another crap update I recorded a podcast tonight. In person lasted two hours but now with the new update. It no longer records unlimited time now it’s limited to on hour so i only got to record for hour and a half. Until this changes one star one star one star


So far having great luck using anchor!

Simple, but play errors

*EDITED* *How do we edit the length of songs we use? As a creator, I was originally pleased with how simple it was to create and publish my podcast, but even before publishing, there were things I did not like. The simplicity is great and all, but I am not able to overlap any of my audio with background music or transitions unless it’s created with it. There isn’t a way to flow the clips more naturally. After publishing, I have received feedback from multiple listeners about the episode playing choppy. They have to keep hitting the play button instead of being able to start playing and stream flawlessly. If I were a new listener, I would be discouraged by that inconvenience. I hope there is a way to fix this before my episode next week. I may need to find a new platform.


Anchor is an incredible service for both amateurs AND professional podcasters! It’s a free service that’s WAY better and more comprehensive than most paid services. The only thing I wish the mobile app had is the “Lifetime Plays” counter and “Average Plays Per Episode” counter that the desktop web interface has but that’s just me being picky. I’m definitely a happy customer.


Extremely easy to use.

Anchor changed

Kinda disappointed because they took out the co-host feature. CS said they were fixing it but I think they took it out. Really a bummer to not having it.

I love that I can create podcasts

I love the idea of democratizing podcasts. The only reason that I don’t give anchor 5 stars is that I can’t listen to all my podcasts in it.

iOS doesn’t work with Google login

I created an account on the web using Google login. However there is no Google login for the iOS app and my Gmail credentials don’t work. So I’m unable to login and record with my iPod or iPad. Really annoying.


Very easy to use

this is a good app

I like this app a lot I always wanted my own radio show and now I can have it thank you guys so much

Like the app but....

I wish there was an ability to fast forward or rewind, and not just 15 seconds at a time. I also wish there was ability for people to leave comments so they can engage more with the podcast.


APP is awful. Plain and simple don’t use this junk.

Enjoying the app but the bugs are killing my podcast.

I’m new to using this app. So far, it’s made podcasting super easy.... that is until the app continues to crash as I try to playback audio on segments that I’ve just recorded, causing me to lose valuable recordings. This prevents me from working efficiently. It also crashes at times when I’m attempting to add a saved file to an episode.


Por años he buscado una plataforma ideal para el hosting de mi podcast y por fin la he encontrado. Tiene todo lo que necesito en una manera estupenda.


7/26/18 Especially on the iPad Pro! I cannot click on any favorites nor can I find any of the people. Anchor now constantly disconnects me whenever attempting to listen to a podcast (someone said that was only with uploaded segments) It’s frustrating to say the least. The whole point of the update has ruined it.

Digmi DIG YOUR DREAM Podcast

Wow what a great app for a great podcast! Heard lots of great insights from UFC STAR FIGHTER EDDY ALVAREZ on episode 6 of the DIG YOUR DREAM podcasts. Would love to see what’s in store next!! #DIGMI #LIVEDREAMBE

Update is TERRIBLE

I never write reviews. I mean never. But I am so frustrated with what was once such an awesome app. It now randomly stops recording at any time it chooses. If you are not actively staring at the device screen you will not even notice. You go to hit stop recording only to find out that it recorded only 2 minutes if a 30 minute piece. It’s now totally unusable until there’s a fix. Great concept. Nice try updating the app. But now it’s not usable.

I liked it at first.

As a seasoned podcaster, I found this app a bit clunky and not user-friendly. Some friends and I are planning a new format for a podcast and found this app to be inflexible and largely inaccessible unless you use their proprietary app. Few options on podcasters’ part, but listen to your listeners — what do they want?

I wrote a review and it never posted

I talked about how the co anchor feature went mysteriously after people began to create podcasts about certain topics. Anchor wants to control what podcasts are created to only attract a certain crowd!!!


Easy to use great platform!


MemeMeme meme meme meme meme meme meme and did I say meme by the way this is a great app

I love this app

This is amazing app you can talk to people you listen too

New to podcasting

So my friend and I wanted to start a podcast and the boys beat us and started theirs and used the app. So naturally we used it to. We actually love it because it’s super easy to use. But I have recorded 4 episodes that when they uploaded nothing was on it. Luckily we also record our podcast so the content isn’t lost. But it’s extremely frustrating when you loose 45 minutes worth of content.

Great app so far.

I’m new to podcasting and it makes it easy for a rookie like myself. Johnny Mac is my podcast name. So big thank you to Anchor for giving me a platform that’s easy to use. Also their response time is excellent if you have a question.

Podcast User Friendly

I love these updates and because anchor is still trying to improve and make more user friendly I am spreading the word by sharing my podcast channel link from anchor also they upload your episodes in all music platforms as well...I have a studio in my home so I pre-record me episodes through my desktop and edit it and upload it such a fast and easy process....Thanks Anchor my dreams of being on radio or podcast has come true my listeners enjoy listening....Oh also you can keep track of how many listeners you get each day new or continuouse listeners....

You got a bug, problem

I can’t add music to my segments and I cannot even cohost about topics. Even though I enjoyed the update but You got a huge bug problem

So far it’s awesome

I have been using the app for two days now and so far it’s been great after awhile I will leave a more detail review.

Great app and good potential, but need some work.

I've been messing around with this app for awhile, and the last update was pretty smooth. Other than somw uploading issues and crashes at times, everything is has been pretty solid on the how the app functions. The variety of podcast distribution you're able publish to is nice, and it includes Facebook & Twitter as of now. You can play music from Spotify or Apple Music in clips or the full songs, and have little sound effect to create transitions as well. My biggest complaint is just incorporating the background music to your posts. That somewhat changed, and now you can't do it as the previous updated, and I found that very useful. It didn't make the podcast just a recording, and I don't have access to those options anymore which is pretty disappointing. Especially since I'm new to the whole "podcast secne" as it is, it was extremely convenient. Overall, its a solid app with a bright future that most people will like to utilize.

Absolutely genuine! 💚

I’m a believer in everything happens for a reason!! I believe in being in the right place at the right time and I am grateful for the opportunity to hear a story from such a genuine and beautiful person! Can’t wait to hear more, you’re such an inspiration beautiful Amber!!! 💚

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