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Whomp, Whomp

When this app came out it was amazing! I used it all of the time and getting support when you experienced an issue was much easier. But I think low downloads is what resulted in interview subjects being forced to download the app in order to speak with you. Based on the number of iTunes downloads, this plan does not appear to be working very well. The previous method of calling the interview subject should have been enhanced to allow people to somehow call you. Many of the subjects I interviewed would have appreciated this more. Now people have to download the app for a moment and then delete it after the interview. It’s not a genuine download regardless of Anchor being able to count it as one. This makes me wonder...Just how many people are actively using the app? Back when I used it heavy, several of us figured by the lack of real shift in top stations, that there were probably about 300 active stations. Of those maybe 200 were really working to put out content daily. Many of the same stations would remain in the top 100 even without updated content in a 24 hour period. This happened often for my station. If I ever fell out of the rankings, I’d publish a few segments and my station went back on the list. So bizarre!


So I tested it out and shared my podcast to my Facebook but when your on Facebook and you click on the post it doesn’t take you directly to the link to listen to podcast. Instead it just pulls up your podcast description and photo. It’s like a promotional page with no link or way to listen to your podcast. This is a huge inconvenience to potential listeners. What’s a way around this? This seriously needs to be updated and fixed. Horrible feature.

Thank you!!

This app is incredibly smooth, reliable, and user-friendly. Love it!! ❤️

Love the idea (and the feedback from my experience using this app)

I’ve been using this app for almost a week now and I’m delighted for the effort developers put in with updates and improvements. So far, I have tried mostly co-host recordings of the app and there are few concerns; For some reason, When i’m connected via 4G network (using iphone 6). I find a co-host, we connect (in the coundown phase) but then it always ends up failing and connections is gone (sometimes I can’t hear, other times it quits itself) so I weren’t able to speak co-host a single time (probably out of 15 attempts) with cellular network. Whereas it happened only 1-2 times with wi-fi networks. Also, every notification is useless when it says that someone’s ready to speak (and I get ton of it each day). everytime I click on that, I go to endless “looking for” screen which i’m already spending too much time anyways when manually “looking for it” myself. Also sometimes it is quite difficult to find a persons profile to whom I’ve had a co-host session with. that happens if i miss “a person published it” notification, then when i look into my library it gives only my own recording and I couldn’t find anything clickable about that person . I only see his/her name. again thanks to the people who are working hard to make things easier!! keep up the good work 🙏

I Hate Social Media

I am not a huge fan of social media and I don't really use apps all that much. Anchor has changed that. I've always been told I should use my voice in radio. Anchor allows me to host my own show straight from my phone at a push of a button. You can even archive and turn your show into a podcast. This app is unreal! Anchor still NEEDS an automatic random shuffle feature. PLEASE! Check out my station “Integrity Radio” here on Anchor!

I am so confused😭

So I haven’t been on Anchor for a while now, but now that I log back into my account, I’m so confused!! I searched up tutorials to learn how to use it But the things I’m most confused about is how to listen to other people’s stations from and iPad. Please reply.

Super exciting

Wow so far so good! Super simple for us Non techie people! Not gonna say it's all that until I hear a recording from another format.. So lets see! Cheers! 🥂

Love it

I love this app it makes everything so easy. But I have a question why do I have to hold the record button down? Wouldn’t it be better to just have it be a flip on flip off kind of switch?

Great App

I would’ve given more stars but I’m super emo about not being able to talk over music provided by Anchor like I could in the past. Otherwise great concept


I love the built in sound affects.

Great app for creation of podcasts

The app has come a long way from when it was initially created as a “broadcasting” type of service to make a radio station rather than a podcast. I’d recommend this to just about anyone who is interested in starting a podcast and publishing it to multiple different sites for the most users to have access to it. It makes an easy method for having co-hosts and for adding in extra sounds and your own songs from other apps like GarageBand or others. Give this app a try and make sure to leave a review with your feedback for the developers to improve things.


This app is awesome! It was 4+ App? Even child can make podcast? I know how to make audio effects! That’s mean I could make a real radio podcasts too! EVEN DROPPING FILES?! ;D Edited Why am I TesomiTudu Gaming anyway. I supposed to be Khoa Vu. Is somebody hacking my review?

iPhone app is lacking compared to iPad version

Bring editing tools to iPhone X.


It’s nice to have Anchor on iPad but we should still be able to browse content from others.

Needs a mute mic while podcast is recording

Would be perfect if you can mute yourself during reocrding

Great Vision

I like what Anchor is doing in the audio space. I hope they can continue to offer new ideas that can’t be found elsewhere

It could be

Less complicated. In an effort to make it more streamlined it feels rushed and confusing. I just want to record, listen to it an then post this doesn't even allow you to save it and then regain access to it easily. It keeps segmenting before I even ask it to. It seems like a great products but it is annoying to use.


Yemaya’s transparency is so refreshing. Ive found each and every entry to be enlightening. The balanced and straightforward structure and delivery is earnest and I appreciate that! Ambreon- Zachary

Hell yeahh

Best app of all time!

Thank you

Thank you for bringing the import tool to iOS. Now the app is perfect! You’ve earned the five stars.

Just like that and my voice is being heard.

I have always wanted to do radio anchor gave me that opportunity in a little over a months time I have over 1000 listeners and anchor made it easy for me to record my podcast episodes on the go thank you anchor.

Issue with recording

First off, I would like to say that I truly do like using this app for podcasting purposes. It’s easy to format and create. Now when it comes to recording, can you just add the feature to actually press the record button and have it record without having to put the device up to your ear or having to hold the record button down?! It is very useless if you are wanting to record hands free. Also, with using those cumbersome features my recordings were not recorded when I thought it was recording. Even when I did a sound check and it recorded fine, i recorded live and it just didn’t record at all and this has happened a few times. Would it be too much just to press the record button and record and to actually see the time allotted?? Please fix this!!!

I’m almost 40 episodes in and a bunch of issues

1. Anchor only helps you through email days later 2. It’s hard to trouble shoot with no one available 3. Keeps glitching out and closing 4. I can’t log into my podcast how I usually do. Website won’t even pop up online. 5. Still waiting for an email back so I can continue my episodes... sometimes shuts down while I’m recording too

It's awesome!

So far I only have one episode posted but it's provided me with everything I ever needed! And it sounds great! No fancy equipment at the moment either.

Fix the Bugs that actually matter

The App used to work much better. For one, we could call to a landline. A BIG deal since one host is not in a reliable cell area. Completely hurt our show. Secondly, followers used to be notified ASAP when a new episode was up. Now, my followers tell me they don’t even get notified for hours and sometimes a day later. If it wasn’t free, it wouldn’t be worth the money

I’m so pumped!!!

Wanted to do a podcast for so long and It’s here!!! Simple, easy, even I can do this!! Yay! Dream came true!!!

Great APP

I absolutely love this Anchor APP! It was made so simple and easy to use. I’m so excited to have this as a platform and create a community! :)

Podcasting Made Easy

I use Anchor for the Personal Growth Magazine Podcast and I love it. It’s simple to use, yet it allows me to distribute my RSS feed to places like Stitcher and iHeart Radio.

Setting up shop

Hey Anchor, Trying to set my anchor but the app won’t let me set up a podcast name. Stuck on that screen. Tried a few names but can’t continue. Please fix and or help? Thank you!

انقلابی و بی‌نظیر

سرویسی که این اپ دراختیار کاربر می‌گذارد کاملا منحصربه‌فرد است و مثل آن هیچ جا پیدا نمی‌شود. اگر می‌خواهید پادکست داشته باشید، نصب این اپ تنهاتربن راه سادهٔ ممکن است.

You are the best !


Here ‘Cause Gary Vaynerchuck

Saw some video where Gary lightly discussed about it. Finally came to check it out.

Your Dream Music is a podcast!

Your Dream Music is my new podcast. I didn’t think I’d start my podcast so quick and easy. Anchor helped me make it happen! Thanks Anchor!

Trebla Ognim

This is a great beginning for Trebla Ognim!

Great app, easy to use, but would like a way to play podcast at a specific time

I use this app as a consumer and I also host a podcast, it’s great. I like ability to engage too. Though, I would like to be able to control and move my time point to a certain time in the podcast. For example, I want to move the time point and start the podcast at 4:55. If this can be donec perfect!!


Super simple. Like amazingly simple.

Great for podcasting on the go

So far it’s great. Good for on the go recording. -@BrianHwaters

Perfect Podcast App

This is THE podcast app you need to have. Not only does it let you record straight from your phone, but you can do all minor transition, music, and podcast tweaks from inside the app! ALSO, it shoots your podcast out to the Apple podcast app, Spotify, Google Play, and more. There’s no reason not to start creating your podcast NOW.

Great idea - Selfish execution

The fundamental of the app is such a phenomenal idea. One place to record your podcast that covers distribution. I’ll admit I’ve been on the edge of starting a podcast for some time now, and hearing Gary Vee talk about this app is what inspired the download and the start of my podcast. However, and this is a massive however. I can not stand the fact that Anchor feels that they can just brand themselves all over my content. Anchor has no right to play their advertisements over my content on iTunes, or brand themselves on my Facebook posts. The content and education that I’ve spent my life building doesn’t belong to anchor, and if your creating an app as a solution for some gaps in the market space that’s fine, but don’t try to claim that your app the reason why people are able to have a podcast. I’ve just uploaded my last episode through anchor and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of this branding issue.

Crashes often

Crashes way too often and I just started using this app. Doesn’t even save what you have if it crashes.

Great, fast, and convenient

I’ve been debating whether or not I could start a pod cast. But Anchor just made my life so much easier.

Newbie here

I just started but I am loving the ease and great instruction. I’ll be a pro in no time. Ha ha

India . Arie - love

This podcast with India .Arie is so heartwarming and honorable , honest and cool and creative ! It’s a private teaching moment for me . and this song WORTHY BRINGS HAPPY PAST THOUGHTS AND TEARS TO MY EYES :-) India your music , as always .... is Rich and Incredible ❤️ Thank you India for sharing your gift !

Good but...

Anchor is great! I love it and would suggest it to everyone. The only thing is, I cannot call people at all. Instead of the purple button with the people on it, I have a purple button with a file on it. This is practically useless, and I am getting angrier and angrier that I can’t make calls. It is very annoying and I don’t understand why I don’t have it.

Great app, but it needs accessability improvements

I’ve been on Anchor since day one and have absolutely loved this app. I’ve met some amazing people on there who’ve felt like family and have been very supportive to me. Being able to listen to their posts and reply to them has been phenomenal. However, as a user who is totally blind, I’ve been noticing accessibility with VoiceOver has gone downhill within the last few updates. When version one was out, it was super easy to use and intuitive and I had no issues with it. Then, one version two came out, I know it took the developers a while to get voiceover working with that again. But now that version three has been out, unfortunately, the only thing I’m able to do is record my own broadcasts. I’m on able to do things like replied to other peoples broadcasts, see who’s listened to the ones I’ve recorded, etc. To the developers of Anchor, if you’re reading this review, I do understand you’re a small team and that things like this may take a while to fix. But it would be greatly appreciated for you to please get anchor version three and other versions fully accessible for people like me again. So that way, we can enjoy using it just like everybody else.

Love it!

Great conversation

Audio feedback in need!

Everything is great but it NEEDS audio feedback so you can hear yourself and your cohost as you speak. There are zero latency apps feedback apps out there so it must be possible on here. Please add this feature!

Very Easy

Trying out this application and it is very easy to do even my grandpa can have his own podcast

Love it.

Love how easy it is to use the app and how it’s helping me to build my brand one of the best apps ever love it love it love it thanks for friend who recommended it to me I can’t see my life without this app called Anchor way to go.

New client

So far it’s lit

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