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Not so Sure

I am not as sure as I was about the platform. Connecting to others in the app to record a podcast has become almost impossible. The great user experience has dropped .... I have published over 80 podcasts on this platform and was really looking forward to a long relationship but now.... not so sure and am concerned about the lack of support access I have in order to resolve. Would hate to say goodbye to my podcast on Anchor but it feels like I am about to have to.

Podcasting made easy

Great app and service in general. Love the redesign and the web site to manage podcast creation! Please add more analytics. Thank you!

Great app, but accessability for the blind needs to be fixed

I’ve been on Anchor since day one and have absolutely loved this app. I’ve met some amazing people who felt like family and have been very supportive to me. Being able to listen to their posts and reply to them has been phenomenal. However, as a user who is totally blind, I’ve been noticing accessibility with VoiceOver has gone downhill for months. When version one was out, it was super easy and intuitive to use, and I didn’t have any problems with it. At the time, Maya, who was working for them, was awesome about getting back to people like me if they had an issue with using VoiceOver with it. And she said that they would work on getting it fixed. Within a week, that accessibility issue was fixed and the app would be working beautifully. But unfortunately, it barely works with VoiceOver now, and like I said, accessibility has not been fixed for several months. For example, the only thing I’m able to do is record my own broadcasts. I’m on able to do things like replied to other peoples broadcasts, see who’s listened to the ones I’ve recorded, etc. To the developers of Anchor, if you’re reading this review, I no you’re doing the best you can. But the fact that people like me have not been able to use the app for a long time because of the inaccessibility with that has been extremely frustrating. And it would be greatly appreciated for you to please get all versions in the future fully accessible. The blind and visually impaired may be a small population, but that’s not a reason to deny them access to a platform, app, or website. Because they’re just as important as people who are sighted.

Love the app but

I DESPISE the fact that there’s only one line to write the description so if it’s a long description I have to drag the cursor over for years to fix a mistake.

Love it

Woooo great app

It’s sad that there are not Listening!

Several others including myself are constantly posting things they should do to improve the experience with this app but all they keep doing is Apologizing for it in their response and then moving on with whatever they wanna do. They claim to be working on improving the app. In which a handful of things have been added. But EVERYTHING the users of the app have been asking for have not been granted, or added back again to the app. They don’t care what we have to say, they just want to apologize for pissing us off and make promises that it will get better eventually!!! I honestly used to like this app but it not that fun anymore. They could start with adding find a cohost back!!


This podcast was extremely powerful! It was very clear and precise and the way that you match the word of God with the word of truth for the every day man is most important during this time! Continue to pour out the truth because the anointing is what destroys the yoke! God bless you!

No Mobile to Desktop chat option 👎🏻

Good app but could not use it to connect with my cohost on his desktop to record a session. Big turn off for me. When they add the friends chat capability on the desktop version to connect with mobile parties then I’ll change the star rating.

Needs some major fixes.

It is incredibly frustrating that Blue microphones, one of the TOP brands of microphones, is NOT compatible with Anchor. Not to mention if you decide to reach out to Anchor about this problem, they said to contact Blue. Are you kidding me? Also, fix the website. If I can’t use my Blue microphone to record with my friends on the app, at least give me the option to invite my friends on the desktop website so I CAN use my Blue microphone.

Great app - but crashes

App deserves 5 stars, but lately I’ve attempted to open the app and it immediately crashes. Otherwise when working correctly, great app!

Crash after crash!

I’m very interested in starting a podcast for the first time, but after I recorded my first clip the app crashed on me. I keep trying to get back in, but it’s been continuously crashing 7 times in a row. When will this app get fixed?

Great app!

If you have even the smallest interest in podcasting Anchor is a great choice!

Great Topic.

Happiness is an a very insightful topic: *What is happiness? *Is happiness a choice? *Can happiness be found? *Do we experience ‘joy’ upon finding ‘happiness’ or while we pursue ‘happiness’?

Its a great platform

Using Anchor has been easy and fun, but I would Like some more robust editing capabilities, even if it required a Small monthly subscription fee.

Love the App but...

I can’t record anything anymore. I’ll record a segment and then the app crashes and then I can’t even keep it open for than 2 seconds. It’s frustrating because I really enjoy this app and how it allows me to express myself. I hope you guys can figure this out.

Great app, but recent system update problems

You know how in Anchor, every time you started it up, it gave you your episode preview? Well, recently I have been having problems with the app crashing whenever I either: A) start up Anchor, or B) try to add something within my own podcast. This is getting really annoying and as I use Anchor to record stuff, it’s pretty awkward seeing Anchor load up and then crash back to the home screen. Is it because of the system update or did I do something wrong?

Fun, addictive app but...

Great concept! The use of the human voice makes sharing feel more intimate than text. A workout for your listening skills. Frictionless conversation in the 2016 v1.x versions made a cohesive thoughtful community but that disappeared in 2017 when a shift in UX to content production made conversation a chore and fragmented the community. Subtracted 3 stars in 2017 b/c of this and b/c content was ephemeral (making embedding difficult) & search and discovery got worse. 2018 v3.x updates fixed search, but removed social features to favor podcast production. Production features improving, but the developers have a tendency to blindside users with updates that remove features.

Teaching an old girl new tricks

I am a grandmother and not so familiar with technology as the younger side. But Anchor has made it so easy even this girl is making podcasts. And people are listening, imagine that! I am thrilled and I have passed the word along.

Loved it

He asked clever, fun questions on both Raspy Voice Kid interviews. I think it’s just gonna to continue to grow and Im looking forward to seeing and hearing it!


Started my own podcast this year for my fantasy football league. Was considering a bunch of platforms and this ended up being the best by far. Easy, i record from my phone with other people. And it’s free. Just an awesome product! Thanks.

Great for starters

Great app if you’re starring a podcast. Great sounds. Easy to use. It’s like conference calling, which is pretty dope. You can invite someone anyone as long as they have the app. Great app. Can’t wait to see how they update and make it better. I think it works best if all users are connected through WiFi also.

Move to laptop version

I think the app is amazing in its entirety but I am confused on why you guys haven’t moved to the MacBooks and developed an user friendly app for it. It would be beneficial.

The app is great but...

Its missing support from 3rd party microphones no? I try to record and when I go into group recording the audio defaults back to my phones speaker and it doesn’t detect the mic. It’s really unfortunate because the mic I have is so expensive and I got specifically for this app. I hope this is something that gets fixed in the future.

It just kept crashing.

I opened it and tried to make a Podcast, however it just kept crashing every time I tried to make one.

App keeps crashing

I keep trying to add an episode to my list and every time I upload it the app kicks me off thanks a lot for nothing

Can't listen

sadly I can't even find my friend on here. To listen too.

Good until it crashed.

I was recording and once I got to two minutes it quit the app and continues happening every time I attempt to go back /: Edit: I deleted and redone loaded the app and now it’s working, but I still feel like this shouldn’t happen.

Need a fix

When I remove background music it changes my clip to the full unedited clip, every single time. Then I have to find the clip and re-edit it.

Excellent App

I have been using the app since July 2018 and have been very happy with it. I’ve made 18 health podcasts ( Heal Thyself Radio) to date and have been up as high as #6 on Apple Podcast rankings under HEALTH category. I like how they continue to improve their app regularly. I’ve been promoting my podcasts primarily using Instagram ( @ericmadridmd) and have found this an ok way to send traffic to my page. I also use Facebook to promote each podcast I release. On the flip side, I wish the anchor store listed health and fitness podcasts under its own unique category. This is a popular genre of podcasts. I’m still trying to get listed in their categories but so far no success despite putting out a good amount of content, IMO. Eric Madrid MD

Not a fan of the new set-up

I recently updated the app and was excited to get something new to explore. However, I am not a fan of the app’s use of background music. While I like the more options... there are too many and you can not here the background choices in a simple fashion of sliding through like before. Once you select a background tone you must select from list and go back to listen. If it is not to your liking you have to start over. I was just as hard to explain as it is to use it. I hope they go back to the old way of selecting background tones. Especially with my 100th episode approaching! #Station11:11



A neat app but not for a pro podcast

Freezes, takes awhile to process the sound and doesn’t tell you what’s happening so you think the clip was lost, difficult to edit... just not something I would use for a real podcast.

Best app for podcasting!

I’ve tried other platforms but Anchor is the best, by far. They make it super easy to record, add background music and other sound effects. I’m working on my premiere episode and very excited to see how it turns out using all of the tools provided. If you’re a newbie podcaster, Anchor is definitely where you should start.

Love it

Super easy and user friendly. Best way to start a podcast

Love it!

I have found anchor support to be extremely helpful and quick to respond to my questions and concerns. Anchor publications my podcast on a number of platforms for me which I find to be super helpful. The app continually improves as updates are regularly available for download. It’s a easy and quick way to create a podcast simply download the app and use my phone to record! Amazing!

Really good thanks

Really good allows anyone to make a podcast and you can find some interesting subjects all in all I love it


I’ve been on this app more than anything else for the past two weeks. This has been very different and therapeutic for me. Thanks.

It's awesome!

So far I only have six episodes posted but it's provided me with everything I ever needed! And it sounds great! No fancy equipment at the moment either.

It’s broken with iOS is voiceover on the iPhone and iPad.

Hey there, just wanted to say that a couple of versions ago you guys had this working pretty flawless with voiceover what happened? Please fix. It does as people who are totally blind no good.

Love this App!!!

Amazing I was able to set up my podcast in minutes - it’s fast and convenient without sacrificing quality! 5 Stars

Inspirado Projecto Loves Anchor

My podcast, Inspirado Projecto, exists thanks to Anchor. Friends/family urged me to make a podcast, but I didn’t want to go through all the trouble of editing stuff and worrying about a professional mic and whatever else information that websites try to make us believe we need, in order to make a podcast. One day my friend sent me the app. I downloaded Anchor immediately and began making podcasts right away. We can simply use the mic on our phones and it sounds great! I’ve also bought a small $8 mic to attach to my phone when Iam podcasting in crowded situations. Anchor is perfect for any “lazy podcaster” who doesn’t want to spend hours trying to edit each episode. Just record some words, add a description and a title (or not), and publish it! Anchor lets us record up to an hour of audio in one sitting. I’ve heard podcasts that make simple ten minute episodes. We can also make segments to glue together into a full episode (my buddy made a 3 hour episode utilizing this method). We can add music from iTunes and sound effects for transitions between segments. There’s also an option to blend in background music with our talking, and even export a one minute segment into a video (great for promotion on Instagram). We can talk to other Anchor users and record conversations for wonderful collaborative experiences. They also offer an “editing” function within the app! Anchor also distributes our episodes to at least 13 podcast apps/directories, which help with gaining more listeners. Some include: iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Breaker, HomePod, Podcast Republic and more! All for FREE. I can’t say enough nice stuff about Anchor, which is perfect for musicians, actors, voiceover artists, mechanics, therapists....heck anyone. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to become their own Mobile Radio Show.

Love the updates

Great app, love the podcasting editing updates such as trim and background music . It would be great if scheduled posting was added to the mobile app just like the desktop app.

Not reliable

I’ve lost files when recording straight to anchor. The desktop version has recorded minutes of silence, and the ipad app failed to upload another segment. The problem was not internet connection in either case. I will not be recording with anchor anymore.

SportsSpeak Podcast

Awesome insight from Ruth Stewart! Great guests to come!

Good App... Wish there was an earnings tab.

I love Anchor. It’s a great way to voice my opinion about the sports world. I just want one thing though... an earnings tab. I would love for my podcasts to be monetized and sponsored. If there was a way I could get paid for using this app, I would use it everyday and upload so many podcasts!!! So please make it happen. I beg of you lol

Dope AF

So far I’m loving it! It’s helping me create my dream. Thank you.

Great app

Great app. Use it all the time to publish my podcast. Sounds good too😀

Help, please

I’m having a problem rearranging my very short recording with two transitions. The instant that I rearrange the audio clip and the transitions, the app shuts down, but doesn’t actually rearrange the order, so I’m stuck. I shut down my iPad and tried again, to no avail. Please advise.

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